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Obstacle or Opportunity? Jacksonville Election Results

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 5:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The majority of winners in yesterday's election here in Jacksonville were incumbents. It's not the  challengers who lost, It's the residents. Voters who got up off their sofas chose the Status Quo. Multiply the winning percentages by the turnout and you will learn that the vast majority of registered voters did not vote for Mayor Curry. I think that's great! 

I know that sounds crazy. Unless, like I you look at obstacles and see opportunities. I believe building a better business community in Jacksonville requires a very small band of committed young business leaders, because everyone else will stay home. 

I not only believe it, I can prove it. The most amazing event last night was not the election, it was the first televised gathering of our Clean Water Working Group. You will be hearing more later today. Let me share with you just one conversation to illustrate my conviction. 

The group chose the response to the Love Canal environmental disaster, a successful water quality campaign as our strategy. None of us could remember when the Canal was in the news. Robert Zinnser joked that it was before group leader Steven Johnston was born.

We all laughed and then it hit me. The strength of the Jacksonville Business Club is our ability to gather everyone, Youngers, Elders - Women, Men, Black, White, People of Color. Everyone.

If you would like to see this in action, I invite you to join us on April 9th for our YP Global Summit. It will be amazing, just like Jacksonville's future.  

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