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J Magazine Millennial Issue - First Look

Sunday, September 30, 2018 12:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

J Magazine's latest issue just hit the newsstands. Why two copies? One for me and one for Shawana Brooks, (I promised her a copy.) 

I'm confused at some of the coverage. J Magazine editor Frank Denton introduced the edition as follows: "[G]eneralizing about [an] entire generation is risky, but J could hardly produce an issue about millennials Downtown without getting the perspective of some." "So we put together a focus group of seven genuine millennials to discuss Downtown." "Our seven are not a random or representative sample..." "They are mostly toward the older end of the generation, they are better educated than a typical millennial..." "We probably would have gotten significantly different input if we had recruited focus group participants at the beach or in the suburbs, in college classes or, OK, the jail."

First, however they were chosen, they picked the right seven. I believe they are both present and future leaders of Jacksonville. That's why I'm going to ask them for their autograph. The age range of 23-38 was not "the older end". 

What really made an impression for me was Denton's slam on their level of education and location... Jail (?) What's up with that?

I've have read a number of articles from this issue. Here's my editorial opinion.

J Magazine used the shorthand label "M" to target a consumer market segment. Capitalizing the word Downtown and not millennial revealed their primary focus. Hoping that this specific generation will save downtown is just that, hope. And hope is not a strategy. 

Gather any group of seven residents and you're sure to hear opinions. Although "What's Next?" was asked, I'm not sure we received an answer, just more fix'in to. Jacksonville's future success depends on future leaders committing to providing those answers. 

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