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Welcome to the Jacksonville Business Club!


There are many strong, vibrant, traditional membership organizations in Jacksonville. We believe there is room for one more.

We are building a civic and service organization to invest in Jacksonville's future. Our primary focus is to serve our members, to help them connect, grow and participate. Our goal is in the work of making Jacksonville a better place to live, work, and play.

We intend to grow both our city's financial and social capital

The Jacksonville Business Club was founded on three guiding principals.


Club membership is open to anyone who is ready to work toward making Jacksonville a better city. We are looking for those of you who want a voice and vote toward the direction of our city's future. Membership is affordable, payable monthly or annually, and carries no long-term commitment. 

We are committed to earning your trust and support, each and every month.


Jacksonville's strong and enduring member institutions share a singular focus that bonds their members together. Bonding social capital is the key to their success.

The key to our success will spring from a focus on creating bridging social capital. Many Jacksonville business executives are members of multiple local organizations. Our hope is to attract members who will serve to build a bridge between JBC and all of our local organizations.

Our club will encourage and support working groups of 6-12 members to focus on specific topics and solving our biggest challenges. All issues are on the table. 

We intend for our members to choose the direction of our success.


The velocity of business in Jacksonville increases every day. We will be using live and on-demand video,  audio, and written content to keep members informed, engaged and productive. Our goal is to provide members with the tools and intelligence to maintain the pace of business operations required in the digital age.

We intent to provide our members with everything they need to lead Jacksonville into a bright future. 

What's Next

If the idea of creating something new for Jacksonville interests you, we invite you to use the links below to learn more.

    • News - Read posts about what's happening in the club and around town.
    • Events - We invite you to attend an event to meet your neighbors
    • Membership - We would love to have you join us to make Jacksonville a better place to live, work, and play!
    • Contact - Tell us what you think, what we missed, your ideas and how you see us working together. 

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