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Welcome to the Jacksonville Business Club!

Broadcast Video

We use the Zoom live video platform exclusively to broadcast and record all of our events. Registered attendees may join us either in person or on a live broadcast via the Internet.  All you need is a valid event registration, an internet connection and a free Zoom account.

Three easy steps:
  1. Register for an upcoming event
  2. Create a free account by visiting Zoom.us
  3. Use the Meeting ID link you received in your registration confirmation email to join us at the scheduled time.
    New to Zoom? Consider arriving 15-minutes early for the new user Backstage Tour.


Create a Free Zoom Account

  1. Visit https://zoom.us.
  2. Enter your work email and click Sign Up Free .
  3. Confirm the email you want to use and click Sign Up. 
  4. A message appears informing you a confirmation email has been sent to the email address you entered. 
  5. Open your email. Click the link: Click here to activate your account. The Activate your Account page appears. 
  6. Enter your name and a password. The password strength is displayed to the right of the password you entered. Click Activate to activate your Zoom account. Click Go to update your profile.

Join the Event

  1. Watch the Join an Event video tutorial
  2. Click the Meeting ID link in your registration confirmation email to launch Zoom.

Mute/Unmute & Audio Settings

You can mute and unmute your microphone. The host also has the ability to mute you. If you click on the arrow next to the mute button, you will have additional options for audio settings. You can change your microphone, leave the computer audio or access the audio options.

Start/Stop Video & Video Settings 

You can turn your camera on or off with the Start/Stop Video button. By clicking on the arrow next to the start/stop video button, you can change webcams, access your Zoom video settings, or select a virtual background (if enabled).


If you click on Participants, you can see who is currently in the meeting. The participants list also gives you the option to raise your hand or rename yourself. Raise Hand - notifies host and shows a prompt to simulate hand raise Rename - hover over your name to change it as it is seen in the participants list and video window.


Chat with individuals or everyone in the meeting. Click Chat to open up the chat window and chat with other participants or view chat messages. Select the drop down next to To: to change who you are chatting with.

Leave Meeting 

You can leave the meeting at any time by clicking on the Leave Meeting option at the lower right corner of the Zoom window.

Need assistance? Use our Contact form or call 904-566-8325 for live assistance during an event.

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