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Welcome to the Jacksonville Business Club!

JBC Main Event - October

  • Monday, October 01, 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Lionshare Co-work, 14333 Beach Blvd Suite 33 Jacksonville, Florida


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  • You will be joining us in-person.

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We live in a post-binary world. If we limit ourselves to only two choices, "one is always marginalized" - Chris Janson

"Everyone" is the 1st of 3 principles our club is founded upon. This session is designed to help all of us get on the same page. What we are most excited about is bringing to the stage the multi-generational team of Lindsay Wise and her father Richard Hadden.

Lindsay Wise is a digital marketing strategist and native Floridian. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Communications from UNF. She currently works as an Account Planner with the Dalton Agency.

Contented Cows Still Give Better Milk

Employee Engagement Speaker Richard Hadden has delivered hundreds of high-impact keynote presentations in more than 25 years of professional speaking. He is the author of the bestselling employee engagement series Content Cows MOOve Faster

Event Experience 

6:00 pm - Plus 1 Networking - Invite a guest and introduce them to 3 people

6:30 pm - What's Happening -  What's Next  

6:40 pm - Main Event - Richard and Lindsay**

7:00 pm - Brainstorm Lab - Idea generation by the audience 

7:30 pm - Dinner on your own - Extended networking 

* Undisclosed Location - Your pre-registration helps us tailor our event space.  Your emailed event reminder will reveal the actual location.

** All our events include a live broadcast. Registered attendees will receive access information on event day


Lionshare Co-work
14333 Beach Blvd, Suite 33
Jacksonville, Florida 

Location: 904-719 -0209


14333 Beach Blvd Suite 33
Jacksonville, Florida

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